How do you create your architectural 3D models?

At the agency, we work with the ikix 3d software. It allows us to create a 3D model of a project, and to produce the 2D documents related to it, which are mandatory for its construction.

When we design the physical architectural model, we start from the complete 3D model of our project, and we redesign it in order to simplify it and to optimize it for 3D printing. On iKix 3d, we design a full volume with the external volumetry of our project. The simplification of this external volumetry depends on the scale that is required for the architectural model.

After this first simplification, we hollow the redesigned 3D model in order to optimize the amount of material used and the production cost of the model. Then, we proceed to the export of our 3D model in the .stl file format, with a binary representation of data. During this export, we choose the export scale of the 3D model. Finally, we do a re-meshing of the exported STL model using 3D modeling software. This operation helps us to make sure our 3D model is correctly made of only one mesh and not a multitude of entities.

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