How can 3D printing be useful for electronic?

The additive manufacturing technology is quite useful for electronic applications. Some of our customers with electronic projects are for example using our 3D printing service to manufacture enclosures. Or, for example, Simusolar, one of our clients, is using 3D printing to manufacture parts of circuit boards. For you electronics project, 3D printing can be useful to develop prototypes,…

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How do you create your architectural 3D models?

At the agency, we work with the ikix 3d software. It allows us to create a 3D model of a project, and to produce the 2D documents related to it, which are mandatory for its construction. When we design the physical architectural model, we start from the complete 3D model of our project, and we…

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Cityscape Exhibition in Abu Dhabi 2018 – Architectural Model Making

Architectural Model Making iKix is one of the leading 3d print services companies delivering excellent realistic models crafted to perfection. iKix provides automated 3D printing services to architects and consultants. Benefits that me offer: Stringent manufacturing process that guarantees consistent, high quality models Quick turnaround time Models can be built from either 2D or 3D…

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Construction Dubai UAE, Oman

Construction Dubai UAE, Oman Construction Dubai UAE, Oman As 3D printing technology has continued to advance, so have the possibilities the process has opened up for industries far and wide. While 3D printing technology and printable materials remain costly, much of the research has come from the prospect of cost-effective customization. One industry that looks…

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Model Making Company

Model Making company Dubai UAE, Oman

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