Construction Dubai UAE, Oman

Construction Dubai UAE, Oman

Construction Dubai UAE, Oman

As 3D printing technology has continued to advance, so have the possibilities the process has opened up for industries far and wide. While 3D printing technology and printable materials remain costly, much of the research has come from the prospect of cost-effective customization.

One industry that looks keen on taking advantage of the seemingly endless possibilities and numerous benefits associated with 3D printing has been architecture and construction, and the technology has already been used to exhibit just how much of a game-changer it could be for whole sector.

While we’re still some way away from being able to dream of 3D printing entire houses, we’ve seen a number of recent examples of groups using the technology to show how revolutionary it could be to the industry.

Recent Examples

Construction Dubai UAE, Oman

We recently wrote about a group of students in London that have created a way of 3D printing concrete. Using two existing 3D printing methods, extrusion and powder bed printing, the method could be used to create large and structurally solid designs.

An engineering company made headlines in 2015 after building ten houses in China with the use of a giant 150 x 10 x 6.6 metre 3D printer. Having created parts of the houses’ frame in a factory, building up layers of concrete made from a number of materials, including construction waste, before the basic components were then assembled on site.

A team of researchers in Amsterdam are currently working on creating an entire canal house using 3D print technology – named, rather creatively: the 3D Print Canal House. By fabricating sections of the house directly on site, the builders are able to assemble them immediately to create their ambitious three-story building with an ornate façade.


Cost: Being able to create a real product directly from a digital file takes away the need for transport costs and the labour involved. This reduces the whole price of building a house to a fraction of the normal cost.

Waste: Because every dimension and measurement is predetermined, there is a vast reduction in the amount of waste created in building a house. And with the added bonus being that any material left over is able to be recycled.

Specifics: There is also the ability 3D printing gives in terms of customization and originality, with products created to exact specifications given by the customer, opening up the potential of future buildings of all shapes and sizes – physics depending.

So, what next?

While the prospect of being able to 3D print entire houses is an exciting one, we shouldn’t expect the technology to replace the traditional methods of building quite yet. But for architects and construction companies, it’s now clear that we aren’t too far away from a future in which 3D printing could be used to assist the familiar techniques through the production of different parts.

Architects have been making use of 3D print and additive manufacturing technology to create models of projects for years, from detailed presentation models to basic block prototypes. Providing an unparalleled freedom of design, this technology has helped architects get even more creative and ambitious with their projects and presentations.

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Construction Dubai UAE, Oman

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